If you don’t already know you’re eligible for a certain type of visa or green card,

If you don’t already know you’re eligible for a certain type of visa or green card, however, then start by reading Section B, below, which reviews the possibilities for spending time in the U.S. and directs you to the appropriate chapters for follow-up.

 You’ll see that this book covers more than just permanent green cards—we know that not everyone will either want, or be eligible to receive, the right to live in the United States their whole life. There are many useful ways to stay in the United States temporarily, for example on a student or employment-based visa.

And even if you don’t fit into one of the usual categories, there may be an emergency or other special category that helps you.

Not many people will travel down the Citizen Parents or Grandparents Alternate Access Road. It’s for the lucky few who, after doing a little research, realize that they are already U.S. citizens because their parents or grandparents had U.S.  citizenship. Okay, we admit that this is rare. Most people would not be picking up a book on immigration if they were already U.S. citizens. Nevertheless, a few people are surprised to find that, because their parents were either born in the U.S. or became U.S. citizens later (possibly because their own parents were U.S. citizens), they are already U.S. citizens themselves—in which case they can put this book back down and go get a U.S. passport. See Chapter 2 for a full  discussion of who can claim U.S. citizenship through parents.

The next stop along your journey is the Application Process Bog. We added this because, even after you realize that you match the eligibility requirements for a U.S. visa or green card, you can’t just march into a U.S. immigration office and claim your rights on the spot. The application process involves intensive document collection, form preparation, and generally molding your life around monitoring the handling of your case until you’ve gotten what you want.

Even if you do your part correctly, most visas and green cards take a much longer time to obtain that you would ever imagine—anywhere from a few months to several years.

Some people never make it through the bog, simply because they fail to adequately prepare their applications or to respond to government follow-up requests on time. Others get bogged down through no fault of their own because the U.S. government loses track of their application. Dealing with bureaucracy and delays is such a large concern that we Ve devoted a whole chapter of this book to

it: Chapter 4. And you should also read Chapter 6, on how to find and work with a high-quality immigration attorney. Attorneys are familiar with the difficulties of the application process, and the good ones will have access to inside phone numbers or email addresses to use when there’s a problem. You only have one chance at getting this right, so it’s often worth paying the money to hire an attorney.

If you make it this far, then the door to U.S. immigration will be opened to you.

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