Your Immigration Companion

If you’re considering immigrating to the United States, or are  helping someone who is, then this book was written for you. Unlike many books about immigration law, this one was written for real people, not for lawyers.

We try to give you a realistic view of your immigration possibilities and how to succeed in reaching your goals.

But why is this book so thick —especially considering that the title promises it will be “easy’? Don’t worn7, you won’t have to read the whole book. It’s just that we cover a lot of ground, including some categories of visas and green cards that other books don’t discuss—useful if you ‘re having trouble finding a  category that
fits you. Also, the original law that we ‘re trying to describe for you is not easy at all—it contains many categories of potential visas and green cards, complex criteria for who qualifies, and paperwork-intensive application procedures. And all of that takes space to explain! So what we ‘ve done is to start the book with an
overview of your possibilities, then direct you toward one or two particular chapters that will help you understand what lies ahead if you apply for a U.S. visa or green card.

Some people will find that they don’t qualify for U.S. immigration at all, or at least not yet—as we said, it’s a complicated and narrow system.

But the good news is that huge numbers of people successfully come from other countries to the U.S. every year—approximately one million receive green cards, and 30 million receive temporary visas (such as tourist, work, and student visas).

With the right information and preparation you can be one of them. 

This book will help you:
• learn whether you match the criteria to receive either a green card
(permanent residence) or a temporary (nonimmigrant) visa
• learn what difficulties you’ll have to overcome
• strategize the fastest and safest way through the application process
• deal with bureaucrats and delays, and
• know when you should consult a lawyer.
You may feel lost and confused as you begin the process of applying for U.S. immigration. This book is intended to be your legal companion, providing practical and supportive advice and information along the  way and helping you find a warm welcome in the United States.

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