Jeb Bush Promises GOP Immigration Reform To Spanish-Speaking Media

A great many Republican House and Senate candidates may be staying away from talking immigration, or immigration reform this cycle, but not Jeb Bush. A funny thing happened on Jeb’s recent visit to Colorado to stump for Republican Cory Gardner in his race against Democrat Mark Udall.


Or, maybe it was three funny things. Bush didn’t seem to know, or at least have much to say about Colorado at an event in Castle Rock.

In his five-minute address, Bush talked mostly about the country and not the state, and said Republicans could create "high sustained economic growth."

Jeb also used the event to take a swipe at … well, not Gardner’s opponent Udall, despite the close race, he went after Hillary Clinton, instead. He also shifted into Spanish for a bit for a comment on immigration, a topic he apparently elaborated on to Spanish language media at another event.

In a possible preview of a 2016 presidential race, former Florida governor Jeb Bush took a swipe at Hillary Clinton on Wednesday evening as he stumped for Republican candidates in the vital swing state of Colorado.

The constitution requires Congress to pass laws, not the president," Bush said in Spanish, contrasting that with some Latin American strongmen’s ability to implement laws by fiat. If Obama acts unilaterally on immigration, Bush warned, "it will be harder to do it the appropriate way."

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