Obama Immigration Policy Halted by Federal Judge in Texas

A federal judge in Texas has ordered a halt, at least temporarily, to President
Obama’s executive actions on immigration. siding witb Texas and 25 other
states that filed a lawsuit opposing the initiatives.

In an order filed on Monda}’, the judge, Andrew S. Hanen of Federal District
Court for the Southern District of Texas, in Bro^vnsville, prohibited the
Obama administration from carrying out programs the president announced
on Nov. 20 that would offer protection from deportation and work permits
to as many as five million undocumented immigrants.

The first of those programs was scheduled to start receiving applications on
Wednesday. Tlie immediate impact of the ruling is that up to 270,000
undocumented immigrants natiomvide who carne to the United States as
children will not be able to apply for deportation protection under an
expansión of an existing executive program. Alarger new program is
scheduled to begin in May.

Judge Hanen, an outspoken critic of the administration on immigration
policy, found that the states had satisfied the minimum legal requirements
to bring their lawsuit. He said the Obama administration had failed to
comply \vith basic administrative procedures for putting such a sweeping
program into effect.



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